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A note from Rebecca

This brand is more than selling things, it’s my heart. It’s the little things and the big things that matter to me. It was born from my 16 year old heart when I wrote the mission statement that every LITTLE thought, act of kindness, coin, smile, person or prayer can make a BIG difference. It’s my love of all things traditional, monograms, the colour navy and writing lists. Of cashmere wraps, scented candles, pearls and bows, ruffles and stripes. Of freshly trimmed hedges, peonies and roses. My belief in living intentionally, showing up, being kind and present. In having good manners, letting your light shine, giving back and receiving with grace. In loving big, intrinsic curiosity, warm smiles and hand-written thank you notes. I hope you feel the heart of my business through your experience with Little Makes Big. Always remember, little makes big ~ Rebecca